Ken Bevis is a singer-songwriter who lives surrounded by nature in the beautiful Methow Valley of North central Washington. His songs are inspired by passion and insight for the natural world and a deep sense of wonder.

Songs emerge. He watches, remembers things felt, smelled, and lived, and music flows. It is mysterious and fun. Songs come from an original place deep inside, and remind us about life, nature, experience and the joy of living. Teaching people about nature is his passion, and encouraging others to protect and cherish the natural world is his cause.

He partnered with 9 other remarkable musical friends on his two records, "Wanderer's Moon" (2016) and "Great Divide" (2019). Both feature unique arrangements developed by each collaborating artist. It was recorded in a remote cabin in the mountains of the Methow Valley. These records are unique, pleasant, and sometimes unforgettable. 

These albums are full of songs about animals, such as bears, coyotes, sandhill cranes and woodpeckers. Musicians featured include: Julie Vanderwal, a fantastic singer from Tonasket, WA; John Weeks, virtuoso violinist – formerly of Twisp, now Chicago; Laura Love – famed rock/blues crooner of Twisp; Wayne Mendro – horn virtuoso and Methow valley icon; Lynette Westendorff – amazing accordion from a multi-talented veteran player; Don McIvor – resonant bass from our reclusive and deeply talented guitarist; Carl Bevis – beloved brother making his performance debut; and Arnold Cleveland – a real Native American flute player and singer, from Ellensburg. 

Ken's songs tell stories; Songs about Salmon, "Billy Chinook",  his beautiful valley, "Methow my Home", about his house almost burning down in 2014, "Firestorm", how much he loves his wife, "Every Woman in the World", the incredible night sky, "Spinnin' Around", the autobiographical "Wanderer's Moon", a bear's view on "True Bear", what is a Hummingbird like and of course, the view from this age at the "Great Divide".  

Ken has written and performed for many people and venues, including: The Methow Conservancy, the Okanogan Highlands Alliance, Olympia Audubon Society,  Cowiche Canyon Conservancy, the Wenatchee Valley Museum, the Sandhill Crane festival, and for many special occasions. He has collaborated with others, including the Yakima Symphony Orchestra. He has written jingles and is available for commissions. He regularly plays at local Methow valley venues (Methow Valley Ciderhouse, Farmer's Market, Old Schoolhouse Brewery) and will play gigs most anywhere.

Ken is an accomplished natural history educator and wildlife biologist, who gives entertaining lectures on topics of environmental conservation. He loves to talk about birds and forests of the Pacific Northwest. He has spoken many times over the past 30 years to meetings, banquets, classrooms and clubs, always by request (Audubon, Environmental education, etc).

Ken’s performances are fun and informative. He loves to sing and meet new people. His experience and wisdom shine through, and he hopes you like his music.